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Improve Omnichannel Contact Handling & Routing

Your customers have different needs, and your agents have different skills. Get the right items to the best agent to get the job done or solve the problem – improving close rates and first call resolution and improving customer satisfaction.

Noble® Skills-Based Routing (SBR) tools help you ensure that customer calls are sent to the right agent every time, increasing first-call resolutions and building customer satisfaction. With SBR, you can reduce the need to put callers on hold or to transfer callers to other agents, by identifying your customers’ preferences and connecting them with the agent that is the most qualified to handle the request. SBR can be extended throughout Noble’s universal queue to support inbound priority and intelligent routing for voice, email, and web contacts.


Manage Communications with Blended Contacts, Inbound Priority & Intelligent Routing

Noble SBR can help you manage your communications process more effectively with call routing rules and priority service levels based on DNIS/ANI/Account numbers, and your specific business rules. SBR lets you build unlimited skills sets for effective call management, first-call issue resolution, and increased customer satisfaction. The tools integrate with IVR and speech recognition systems to support routing based on keypad or voice prompts. Skills can be used to assign agents to blended CTI programs.

Create Agent Skill Sets with Proficiencies

Use Noble SBR tools to build skill and proficiency level requirements for inbound and outbound applications. Assign unlimited skill sets and proficiency levels per agent. All skill information is stored in the database. Call routing rules can be defined to send callers to available agents with the highest proficiency levels first, with “desired to use” or performance-based priority. SBR also helps you unify your communications platform by applying skills to email and web requests.

Unify Your Communications Platform with Multichannel Routing

With Noble SBR, you can also define routing and priority rules for all objects in the universal queue, including phone calls, emails, and web requests. All contacts can be managed with the same set of business rules and skill sets. Agents may be assigned skills for web and email sessions, giving them priority for handling multichannel requests.


With Noble’s intelligent call routing, we can manage multiple incoming toll-free lines for different types of customers. Noble lets us direct calls to different groups depending on which number they use or based on account attributes. We can also setup skill levels based on the performance of each agent, and route accounts to higher-skilled agents first. So customers always get the best agent to meet their needs, to improve first-call resolution and increase revenues.



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