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Connect Your Salesforce CRM with the Power of the Noble Contact Center

Noble’s Salesforce Integration unifies the desktop for your sales or service representatives, giving them fast access to customer information and contact tools to improve speed-to-lead and service response.


Noble® SmartEngage connects Salesforce with Noble’s outbound and inbound contact automation to benefit from integrated technologies, to allow sales and service teams to act quickly on new opportunities, increase speed to lead, decrease response times, close more business, and grow sales and service revenues. Noble and Salesforce combine to give sales and service groups the ability to handle customer contacts and execute their daily activities with ease by providing instant access to both our award-winning contact controls and the Salesforce workspace in a single view.

Improve Rep Efficiency and Service Levels Through Unified Systems

With Noble and, your inside sales teams and service representatives have the ability to handle customer contacts with ease, without having to learn a new environment. They can work within the Salesforce CRM software they are familiar with and have one-click access to a range of contact management tools and the powerful Noble Composer Agent for scripting and contact tools – without having to switch between programs, perform manual look-ups, or make customers wait while they try to find information – resulting in more satisfactory transactions and helping increase productivity.

The Open CTI allows Noble Systems to embed our telephony controls directly into the CRM workspace, creating a unified desktop for sales and service reps to execute their daily activities while making use of Noble’s award-winning premise and cloud contact center productivity tools. Noble’s Campaign and Performance Management tools are also fully integrated within your Salesforce environment. Noble Gamification can also be included to help improve agent engagement and performance.

Noble Contact Center Solution


Streamline Workflows for a Better Customer and Agent Experience

Noble SmartEngage allows your sales and service reps to work faster and smarter, eliminating extra actions and streamlining workflows:

  • Dial a number, Answer a call, Schedule a callback, Transfer a call, etc.
  • Handle customer contacts more effectively
  • Eliminate switching between programs, manual lookups, and making customers wait while reps try to find information
  • Increase customer satisfaction and improve productivity
  • Additional benefits include: Regulatory Compliance, Campaign Management, Call Recording, Dropping Voicemail Messages, Quality Control, Sales Performance Reports, Gamification, and more


  • Efficient UI with the Agent Desktop featuring the Customizable Noble Contact Toolset to streamline agent navigation and workflow
  • Improve Data Management with Screen Pop for direct access to customer records and real-time data synchronization/data dips to eliminate duplicate data lookups or entry
  • Integrated Soft Phone and One-click Omnichannel Contact tools such as dial now, callback and callback scheduling, transfer, hold, pause, etc.
  • Unified desktop to quickly launch multi-channel communication functions, such as Voice/Screen Recording, IVR, Voice Messaging, Email/SMS, Skills-based Routing, etc.
  • Contact Logs for complete contact histories
  • Integrated Gamification option helps improve employee engagement, increases motivation, makes training more fun, aligns behaviors with business goals, raises productivity, and reduces attrition and decreases costs
  • Available for and Salesforce Lightning on Salesforce’s AppExchange



Noble gives us a blended inbound and outbound communication solution that works seamlessly with our Salesforce CRM to help improve results through faster and more efficient responses to students.




CRM + CONTACT CENTER INTEGRATION. Inside sales reps, customer service professionals, and contact center agents can work more efficiently, with 1-click access to a range of contact management tools. Let us show you how it works.




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