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Noble Systems and Acqueon Technologies Settle Patent Infringement Lawsuit

  • November 21, 2019
  • Atlanta, Georgia

Noble Systems Corporation (“Noble Systems”), a global leader in omnichannel contact center technology, announced today it has settled litigation pending against Acqueon Technologies, Inc., Servion Global Solutions Limited ( “Servion Ltd.”) and Servion Global Solutions, Inc. (“Servion USA”). Noble Systems had filed a suit for alleged infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. RE46,420; RE46,478; 9,521,257; and 9,635,183.

The lawsuit targeted Acqueon’s “LCM” and “U-Nexsys” products, and Aqueon’s TCPA compliance module, alleging infringement of Noble Systems’ patents relating generally to calling campaign management for outbound calling and manual dialing solutions for addressing TCPA regulations. The parties reached a mutually agreeable business resolution resulting in the termination of all litigation, with neither party admitting infringement or non-infringement. Noble Systems has granted Servion Ltd., Servion USA, and Acqueon Technologies a license to the asserted Noble Systems patents for an undisclosed amount, and the patents shall remain in force and unchallenged.

Jim Noble, President and CEO of Noble Systems, said, “We are pleased with the settlement of this matter, which recognizes our patented technologies and protects these innovations on behalf of Noble Systems and the customers who have invested in our patented solutions.”

Laurent Philonenko, Director and Group CEO of Servion Global Solutions, said, “We are pleased to put this litigation behind us. Our two companies can now focus on serving our customers and addressing the booming/strong market demand for customer engagement solutions that meet the most stringent consumer privacy requirements.”

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