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TECH TALK: A Clear Vision of Contact Centre Continuity in the Midst of a Pandemic

COVID-19 forced many contact centers to quickly pivot from onsite to remote operations. The good news is that it not only can be done, it can be done very quickly and successfully. In our Tech Talk session with Sangeeta Gupta, Director of Information Management, we look at how
America’s largest provider of LASIK surgery was able to maintain its customer service and appointment setting operations whilst moving its team to a work from home environment.

Some of the key factors in their success include:

  • A Fast Response – The group was able to shift all agents to a WFH model in less than 24 hours
  • Agent Access to Information – Unified web-based desktop gives agents the ability to handle customer and prospect contacts quickly and efficiently
  • Real-time Supervisor Tools – Powerful dashboards, reporting and monitoring help supervisors view activities and stay on top of key metrics in this new WFH environment
  • Communication with Customer and Agents – Flexible solutions to quickly adjust messaging for callers and distribute changes to agents to keep everyone informed

TECH TALK: A Clear Vision of Contact Center Continuity in the Midst of a Pandemic | Noble Systems