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Vitality • Testimonial

Matthew Dijkstra, Chief Operating Officer of Vitality UK, talks about the company’s operations and how Noble Systems supports them in achieving their core purpose, which is to make people healthier and to enhance and protect their lives. Vitality Corporate Services have been a Noble Systems customer since 2016 when they first purchased the Noble Outbound Solution, which they have subsequently introduced across all of their businesses lines. More recently, they have implemented Noble Inbound into VitalityHealth (heath insurance) and VitalityInvest (investment arm), and will be expanding it into VitalityLife (life insurance) in the near future.

Matthew talks about why Vitality originally chose Noble Systems as a strategic partner and explains their need to work with an organisation that combines speed and agility. He discusses the benefits of the solution – including greater business intelligence, integration into their CRM system and the ability to intelligently route calls through their IVR. He covers how Vitality and Noble’s strategic relationship has evolved and how this has benefited their organisation. Finally, Matthew discusses the many awards that Vitality have received recently, aided by their use of the Noble platforms, taking them from 47th to 1st place over the last four years.

Vitality Testimonial