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Customizable Agent Desktops

Our unified agent desktop enables agents to easily access tools and workflows for multi-channel contact handling, helping them work more efficiently and increase productivity.

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Noble solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

Handle Voice and Non-Voice Sessions Concurrently

Noble puts all the tools agents need in one place so they can handle multiple voice and non-voice sessions concurrently. Plus, our system automatically pushes caller information to the agent desktop, with the right workflow and customer records for each campaign and channel, so agents don’t have to manually switch between programs or look up records.

Consolidate Data with Noble Composer Mimic

With our Mimic solution, we create a single point of access to your entire library of business applications and automate processes to streamline agent tasks. Unified desktop solutions help you consolidate data from multiple sources — including emulation, custom executables, OCS and .Net environments and more — into a common agent interface.

Enjoy Flexible Desktops and Custom Scripts

Noble Composer is an intuitive design kit that allows managers to create sophisticated scripts, screens and applications that help you improve agent productivity and reduce training costs without needing help from IT experts. Plus, whether you need a Windows® or web-based desktop, Noble offers unmatched flexibility and delivers broad spectrum support for browsers and operating systems.

Pre-record Script Segments with Noble Personal Script

This proprietary, patented technology allows agents to pre-record selected segments of the call script and then deliver messages in any sequence during a call — front, middle or end — on a call-by-call basis. The use of the recorded segments is undetectable, which allows you to create a one-on-one customer experience with greater control over message consistency, agent enthusiasm and individual contact quality.

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