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The Noble IQ solutions provide you with rich and robust customer data that can transform your business. Automate decision making and campaign management and refine the quality of interactions with precision and efficiency.

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Advanced Analytics for Strategic Decision Making

The decisions you make for your contact center have the potential to drive your business to new heights. We have developed proprietary and patented tools to help you make sense of data on your current operations and then help you make strategic decisions to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Identify who your best customers and prospects are and the ideal methods to reach them.
  • Understand what types of campaigns work best for your business and how to optimize underperforming campaigns.
  • Make real-time decisions rather than looking back to see what went wrong.
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Put Our Solutions to Work For You

Noble IQ solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary. Available for both premise and cloud.

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Keep Improving Your Best Time to Call with Noble Contact AI

Maintain productivity while meeting predictive and manual dialing regulations with Noble Contact AI. This solution applies predictive models to identify and schedule the best calls for each hour of the day, including queues for landlines and wireless contacts, by weighing things like contact probability, account priority and agent availability.

Make Better and Faster Decisions with Noble Decision AI

If you want to get ahead of issues, bring intelligence to contact center decisioning and put policy management into the hands of the operations team, turn to Noble Decision AI. It analyzes multiple, disparate data sources to rapidly deploy contact and response modeling and decision strategies. That way, you can identify and address issues and opportunities early.

Improve Campaign Management and Compliance with OnQ

Noble OnQ helps you achieve corporate objectives for outbound calling while optimizing agent resources. And since our decisioning tools stay in sync with regulatory guidelines, you can automate and centralize campaign and policy management while ensuring compliance.

Keep Tabs on Call Quality with Noble Conversations Analytics

Be proactive about customer service with Noble’s speech analytics tools. Our Real-time Analytics solution lets you prompt agents and manage compliance while a call is taking place, so you can improve first-call resolution, increase revenue and reduce corporate liability. Post-call Analytics help identify trends so you can improve quality, training, and service.

When we added Contact AI, we saw a 26% uptick in RPCs. And because we were improving our list strategies and reaching more people, we were making fewer junk calls -- which resulted in a $10,000 reduction in our monthly telecom charges.

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In just six months, Noble’s speech analytics technology led to a 15% increase in conversion rates, resulting in increased revenues per agent hour of 30%.

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