Our award-winning suite can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and help your organization increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and manage compliance.

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Automate Routine Processes and Improve Your Decisioning

Increase efficiencies and improve your decisioning by automating routine processes and mining in-depth data. Virtual agents and pre-recorded messages can help you keep quality high and your agents on complex tasks, while automated decisioning tools evaluate data from internal and 3rd party apps to provide more meaningful, actionable insights that immediately affect campaigns.

Get Campaign Flexibility Without Relying on IT

Whether you have seasonal needs, are growing or are rightsizing, our solution adjusts to meet your current and future capacity needs. Even better, adjusting your campaigns as your contact center needs change is easy. Our user-friendly tools allow you to create customized workflows without needing complex programming or technical knowledge.

Use Workforce Tools to Raise Efficiency and Compliance

Streamline workflows, maintain compliance and keep agents motivated along the way. Noble campaign tools move agents quickly from one contact to the next without logging in and out of systems, while scheduling and gamification tools ensure that service levels are met and agents are engaged. In addition, built-in compliance tools auto-enforce regulatory requirements while maintaining agent productivity.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction to Grow Customer Loyalty

Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with tools to reduce hold times and transfers. Noble also has skills-based routing to connect customers with the right agent and improve first-call resolution. Plus, we use historical and real-time data to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns, call times and routing.

What Our Customers Say

See why our customers love working with us and how they’re using our solutions to drive contact center performance and efficiency.

Completed registrations are up by +80% and Patient Service Center calls increased by +120% on the inbound side and +170% on the outbound side. The Predictive Dialer paid for itself the first month it was in operation (with a net gain of hundreds of thousands of dollars).

Wake Forest University Physicians

We have reduced idle time and increased per agent call efficiency, significantly decreasing unproductive agent time for better use of our workforce.

Early Out Services, Inc. and General Service Bureau, Inc.

The Noble Support Team is really responsive and really knowledgeable.