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Call Center Agents

To be truly effective and efficient, you need the right call center tools for the job. Noble’s comprehensive suite of solutions helps call center agents make the most efficient use of their time and improve the effectiveness of your customer experience.

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Keep Detailed and Accurate Contact Info at Your Fingertips

With Noble, all of your customer profile, account and payment services are tied together, so you always have the latest customer support data without needing to navigate away from your desktop. This means you can more easily stay focused and avoid contacting unnecessary or redundant contacts.

Spend More Time on the Types of Contacts Where You Shine

First, Noble’s superior detection of busy signals, ignores, faxes, modems and operator intercepts helps you auto-filter unproductive calls. Then, skill-based routing helps you get fewer ‘tough’ calls and more of the ones that meet your skillset. That way, you can meet your performance goals more quickly.

Move Seamlessly from Inbound to Outbound, Voice and Web

Whether you work on site or remotely, customized agent desktops and fluid call blending allow you to seamlessly jump between your incoming and outgoing, and voice and non-voice contacts. Plus, we make it easy access important tools and databases without logging in and out of programs in between.

Keep Accurate Recordings and Get Real-time Coaching

With automatic screen and voice recordings, it’s easy to keep an accurate record of your interactions. Plus, Noble gives managers the ability to listen in on your calls when you need real-time coaching. They can even speak directly with the customer to help resolve your more difficult interactions.

What Our Customers Say

See why our customers love working with us and how they’re using our solutions to drive contact center representative performance and efficiency.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in productivity within our contact centres since installation. The agents find it easy to use and the clear reporting enables the contact centre managers to track productivity and customer service like never before.

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The Noble Support Team is really responsive and really knowledgeable.


It paid for itself within six months. We were able to reduce staff by 20 FTEs.

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