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71% of all employees are not engaged while they're at work and the average call center has a 26% attrition rate. Noble Gamification users turn those numbers around with engaging contests, recognition, and rewards. In short, it's the engagement solution that maximizes your ROI.

What are the Benefits of Workplace Gamification?

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Automate, Scale and Fire Up Competition

The days of competition whiteboards and manual SPIFFS are over. Today, call centers need to drive performance immediately. With Noble Gamification software our clients use a list of competition mechanics that can be fired up in under a minute. Create a contest in only 5 fields. Launch head-to-head “duels” with ease. Even better, our Normalization Engine allows you to create equity between agents on dissimilar campaigns. Whether Agent vs. Agent, Team vs. Team or Center vs. Center, it is all managed efficiently through our Competition Engine.

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Send Rewards Instantly with Digital Gift Cards

Want to reward your agents with ease? Leverage Noble Systems’ integration with the largest eGift Card provider in the United States. We give agents the ability to redeem their points for a reward of their choice. You’ll never have to send someone to the store to get a stack of gift cards again. To add variety, utilize our Live Auction. Agents can bid on prizes in a virtual auction, creating more buzz and competition for key rewards.

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Dynamically Align Agent Activity with Call Center Goals

Focus agents on the outcomes that matter most to your call center.  We make it easy to create and set goals from within your “sandbox.” That way, as your organizational objectives change, your agents will stay up-to-date and aligned with the latest goals each day.

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Level Up the Status of High-achieving Agents and Supervisors

Making agents and supervisors feel important among their peers is a valuable motivator. Noble Gamification software provides leveling to create status rankings among employees. These symbols of status follow them wherever they appear within the game.

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Use Our Gamification App to Leverage Public Recognition

Utilize Noble’s public leaderboards to recognize your employee’s achievements. This makes it easier for slower agents to see where their performance is falling short and who to ask for help.  It also gives high-performing agents greater recognition from their teams.

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Unify Communication to Ignite Better Team Performances

Noble’s gamification clients have the ability to leverage peer-to-peer or supervisor-to-agent collaboration to fluidly share best practices among the employee community. Additionally, supervisors have access to utilize Noble’s Coaching software. It’s integrated directly into the user interface and allows for immediate course correction. That way, the whole team succeeds.

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Leverage Noble Game Mechanics in Your Training Programs

Gamified learning management tools and an employee survey engine are fluidly integrated within the existing Noble Gamification platform. These integrations make training more engaging, which yields lower training costs and an increase in customer satisfaction. It also helps you better understand what rewards agents want and what support they need to stay engaged and meet goals.

Increase Your ROI With Strategic Engagement

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Agents Want Rewards And Recognition

Motivation comes in two forms: extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic motivation leverages tangible rewards. Intrinsic motivations tap our inner desire to do well. Which is the best type when it comes to motivating call center agents? Both. That's why Noble Gamification leverages both rewards and recognition to keep agent attrition low and productivity high.

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Millennials Are Shaking Things Up

Millennials currently make up 50% of call center workforces. However, by 2030, they'll make up 70% of the workforce. That's why it's important to shift toward gamification models that capitalize on the type of engagements and incentives that captivate them the most. This includes such things as earning more time off work and giving them opportunities for public recognition.

We put Noble Gamification in our lowest performing groups and it has helped us stabilize our performance and reduce turnover of agents.

Telecom Collections Client

It's a complete game-changer when it comes to call center gamification software ... It was set up within 2 weeks and we saw instant results.

Direct Response Sales Client

Noble Gamification moved our bottom lines and helped us to improve key metrics by almost 20% across the board.... I recommend it to any metric-driven center looking to improve morale and productivity.

Durable Goods Leasing Client


See how gamification can impact your bottom line.

21% More Productive

71% of employees are not engaged at work, killing productivity. Noble Gamification gives users the boost they need to stay on task. In fact, our users on average are 21% more productive.

22% More Revenue

Tens of thousands of agents around the world use our solutions to power millions of customer contacts every day. The result? On average, our clients see a 22% increase in revenue after implementation.

87% Higher Retention

The average call center has a 26% attrition rate and replacing an agent can cost as much as $8,000. With Noble Gamification, centers see an average retention rate of 87%, keeping those costs at bay.

16% More Profitable

Contact center gamification doesn't just impact your agents. It also affects your clients and bottom line. With Noble Gamification, one user quickly saw a 10% increase in customer satisfaction rates and a profitability increase of 16%.

Software & Hardware Requirements

Noble Agent Gamification Software is available both for on-premise environments and as a Noble Cloud-based service. The system uses a web application that runs natively in many browsers. Noble Agent Gamification integrates seamlessly with Noble’s Enterprise Contact Center and ShiftTrack WFM solutions for a unified workforce engagement platform.

Hardware Requirements

Internet access; Pentium D (or equivalent) with 2GB Memory; Approved audio device and sound card; Bandwidth: 10 Kbps per user; OS: Windows 7 or newer or Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or newer recommended.

Browser Requirements

Supported browsers include Internet Explorer v11; Firefox (current version); and Chrome (current version).

How Our Gamification Software Works

Learn more about how easy our Gamification Software is to use by signing up for a free demo, and see how much Gamification can save your company with our handy Gamification ROI Calculator.

ROI Calculator

1. Set Your Goals

First, decide which goals your organization would like to achieve with Noble Gamification. It can be anything from lowering agent attrition to increasing revenue.

2. Pick Related KPIs

Second, determine which metrics and KPIs exist that best assist with accomplishing your goals. This can be calls placed per hour, each agent's time on the clock, etc.

3. Connect Your Data

Third, deliver your data into the Noble Gamification system via our SSGApi or our SFTP server. When you're part of the full Noble call center solution, this is especially easy.

4. Pick an Interface

Fourth, pick from one of 5 distinct user interfaces, whichever best engages your agents. If your sales team is collaborative, show progress bars. If they're competitive, show leaderboards. Whatever drives motivation most.

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