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Monitor programs in real-time and identify areas for improvement that will help you meet performance goals. Our comprehensive suite of features enables you to choose the strategies that best fit your organization’s needs, both now and in the future.

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The advanced Noble Call Management System gives you the power to efficiently manage inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts and to monitor and analyze activities and information.

  • Make sure your inbound, outbound and blended contacts are handled quickly and effectively based on your defined business rules.
  • Monitor and improve performance with real-time access to activities, reporting and analytics tools.
  • Customize your solution to your specific needs with a comprehensive suite of features.
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Call Management Features

Noble solutions give you the power to take your call center management systems from ordinary to extraordinary.

Increase Customer Satisfaction with Self-Service

Noble helps to improve customer satisfaction by quickly identifying customer preferences and connecting them with the agent most qualified to handle their request. We also reduce hold times, transfers, dropped phone calls and hang ups by optimizing agent queues and enriching the on-hold experience with wait time announcements and callback requests.

Reduce Overhead Costs with Virtual Assistants

By integrating our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) features into your ideal workflow, you can allow customers to complete actions that don’t require agent assistance. This allows you to get to high-value callers more quickly, while customers get faster access to information. The result is higher revenue, happier customers and lower overhead.

Meet Contact Center Performance Goals with Routing and Reporting

With Noble’s Skills-based Routing (SBR) and blended agents, you can get customers to the best agent every time and allow agents to shift between inbound and outbound calls dynamically, increasing first-call resolutions and overall productivity. Then, with our robust reporting and analytics tools, you’ll have the power to set goals and monitor agent and center performance against those goals.

Reduce Abandoned and Dropped Calls

Complete more calls than ever with Noble’s efficient and accurate call handling. Our universal queue lets agents handle inbound and outbound calls, email, SMS, social media, and web chats from one desktop, while our call queue monitoring lets managers view and reassign calls on a dime. Best of all, our distributed contact center model allows queues to shift between on-premise and remote centers, so disaster recovery is immediate.

Noble provides the information we need to improve performance. We have experienced more account penetration, increased our inbound flow, and improved productivity.

CBV Collections

The biggest difference on the Noble platform is the significantly higher number of completed calls and contacts per hour. The ability to target who you are calling and to tweak things while a campaign is in progress has enabled us to have much higher contact rates and list penetration.

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