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Call Recording Software: Monitor and Improve Contact Quality

Automatically record agent audio and screen actions to monitor performance and meet quality assurance, compliance, verification, and training needs.

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An Automated, Digital Approach to Agent Monitoring

Call recording software allows you to capture, organize and store recordings for easy retrieval and review while eliminating the cost and hassle of managing external devices.

  • Easily retrieve and playback audio and screens to meet quality assurance, compliance, sales verification or training needs.
  • Access digitized, high-quality online records within seconds and archived records within minutes.
  • Allow your clients to self-serve with their own log numbers so they can dial in and listen to their own recordings.
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Putting Our Call Recording Software to Work For You

Noble contact center recording solutions captures your agent interactions and organizes the files for convenient storage so that you can retrieve a high-quality on-line record within seconds. 

Reduce Operating Expenses and Increase Agent Efficiency

Eliminate the time and administrative costs of filing, maintaining and retrieving audiotapes and recorders by letting Noble automatically manage your audio and screen recordings. Additionally, reduce agent wrap time and allow them to move on to other calls more quickly.

Effortlessly Monitor and Report Agent Performance

By automatically capturing audio and agent screen activity, Noble allows you to retrieve digitized, high-quality online records in seconds by simply keying in a log number. You can also score agent interactions and automatically report results to managers.

Enjoy Trusted, Digital Storage and Verbatim Record Keeping

Noble Recorder keeps a verbatim record that can be used to resolve conflicts and clarify possible confusion with callers. Whether required by law or corporate policy, files can be reviewed instantly with the customer to verify what was said. When used with Noble Speech Analytics, Call Recording also allows you to identify trends and improve customer service. Automatic recording means agents can’t label a recording incorrectly or forget to start and stop recording phone calls.

Take Advantage of Recording Integrations and Add-ons

As a foundation of the Noble QA module, Noble Recorder enables managers to build quality management programs. QA Agents can listen to a call and view the agent’s screen, applying quality scores based on user-defined sampling criteria. Also, you can increase your solution’s functionality to include automated review by QA Agents based on user-defined sample criteria, dedicated or flexible QA stations and the ability to review transactions for both voice and data.

Call recording is vital for rep training and quality control programs. Letting agents access and review their call recordings is an extremely helpful feature for us to make sure that information is complete.


Recording and Speech Analytics are my favorite features. We can quickly validate all calls for completeness, compliance and quality. It delivers actionable insights that enable us to drive the right agent behaviors.

Superior Court of Ventura County

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