Noble Solutions for Education

Contact Center Solution for Educational Institutions

Streamline your communications processes and increase representative productivity with contact management solutions that improve right-party contact rates, save resources, manage recruiting and applicants, and help service existing student accounts.

Create a Better Student Experience with Improved Communications

Our industry-leading suite of tools helps you manage all of your student communications more effectively, from servicing existing students and alumni to recruiting programs for new prospects.

Create a Better Student Experience with Improved Communications

Schedule More Appointments
and Grow Conversion Rates

Smart analytics helps you target the right people at the right time, so you spend more time getting the right results, and less time on missed connections.

Right-Party Contacts

Advanced dialing algorithms, list management, and superior screening help your representatives reach more live, qualified parties.

Create a Unified,
Omnichannel Operation

Today's students and prospectives are always on the go. Multi-channel tools ensure that your reps can handle inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS, and chat contacts to reach out to them, wherever they may be.

Provide Flexible
Self-Service Options

Automated outbound messaging and integration with internal systems makes it easy for students to manage their information and make payments while increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

Streamline Representative

Make your representatives' jobs easier by consolidating multiple applications, including call scripts, appointment setting, collection software, databases and more, into a single interface, so they can do more in less time.

Maximize System
and Program Performance

Comprehensive management suite allows users to build workflows, control center resources, monitor real-time performance and create custom reports, without requiring high-level IT experts.

Manage Complex
Compliance Rules

Our patented tools help you meet regulations and rules for contacting students while protecting their sensitive and personal data, including wireless dialing, calling hours and attempts, recording consent, DNC/TSP, FTC, TSR, TCPA, PCI, Ofcom, ACMA and more.

Benefits for Education Contact Centers

Our products and solutions are ideal for educational institutions, where cost management is critical. We can tailor your solution to fit your operational and budgetary needs.

Robust Outbound/Inbound Campaign Management

Run unlimited inbound and 1,000+ outbound campaigns simultaneously and allow reps to handle inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts at the same time to make the most of your resources.

Unified Workflow Management

Our flexible, intuitive environment helps improve workflow of the complete communications process and works with your current applications.

Flexible Dialing Plans and Modes

Create custom dialing plans to contact different numbers from student records at different times, and choose predictive or non-predictive dialing modes for individual campaigns or different agent groups.

Student Contact Management

Account ownership helps improve rep productivity by better preparing them before a call is dialed and increases response rates by helping build relationships with students.

Real-time Record Updates

Integrated databases ensure that records are updated in real-time as calls are completed to avoid inappropriate or unnecessary outbound calls.

Agent Callback and Appointment Scheduling

Allow agents to schedule callbacks or appointments as required, with an on-screen calendar to select specific dates and times.

Smart Tools to Manage Your Operation

Get the right tools to help your reps be more successful and ensure that your operation runs smoothly by making the most of your resources, all while reducing costs. 


Route calls to the right place based on rep skills to give priority based on student characteristics or agent proficiency levels.

Seamless System

Connect your contact center with your established systems and databases to provide a comprehensive view of each student, prospect and applicant.

Voice & Non-voice
Contact Channels

Give agents a number of ways to reach students and prospects in today's multi-channel environment, including voice, email, SMS/text and web.


Capture, segment and analyze contact data for appropriate follow-up actions for students, prospects and applicants.

American Academy of Art

Dials to appointment ratio improved from 30:1 to a 20:1 ratio, while weekly appointments increased from 35 to 42 and show rates are improving.

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