Noble Solutions for Financial Teams

Call Center Software for Financial Industry

From sophisticated CRM integration and campaign strategy tools that help financial institutions serve existing account holders and win new customers to state-of-the-art customer contact management systems that improve efficiency and productivity, Noble is the solution of choice for financial services.

Financial Services Solution

Our robust suite of tools, including omnichannel customer contact, strategy and decisioning tools, customer self-service and performance management helps you solve operational challenges and turns your contact center into a business-building enterprise.

Financial Services Solution

Manage Regulatory and
Industry Compliance

Our patented tools help you manage your operations in accordance with today's many regulatory and industry guidelines, including wireless dialing, data security, and a host of other requirements for DNC/TPS, FTC, FDCPA, TSR, TCPA, PCI-DSS, GDPR, Ofcom, ACMA and more.

Assign Contacts
to the Right Agent

Use intelligent contact routing to get customers and prospects to the best agent for their needs with skills-based routing, Account Ownership, last agent contacted, cost-based and other routing options. Outbound messaging and inbound self-service tools help optimize resources to allow agents to work with the most productive customers.

Enhance Efficiency
with Self Service

Integrate Noble solutions with your existing service software to provide personalized information for customers. Self-service menus allow account holders to handle routine requests without requiring a live agent.

Create a Unified,
Location-Agnostic Operation

Allow your agents to handle inbound and outbound, omnichannel contacts, no matter where they are based. Agent desktops are browser based and can handle voice and non-voice interactions, whether the agent is in a corporate center, at a remote office or working from home.

Agent Workflows

Real-time, comprehensive account information and features like CTI screen pops enable agents to focus their energies on helping answer customer questions and spend less time looking up accounts.

Boost Your
Marketing Programs

Transfer customer data directly into agent qualification workflows to speed up lead generation and financial qualification. Integrate inbound and outbound leads and enable agents to send emails for follow-up.

Database Management

Flexible, secure and easy-to-control databases put you in charge of your data. Changes or additions can easily be made by management and require no IT intervention.

Get The Features that Financial Services Providers Need

Our products and solutions are ideal for complex financial services environments, with flexible deployment options and right-fit configurations to meet your specific needs.

Flexible Workflow Management

Control how your agents view and capture information, give them quick access to a range of tools and information and help them complete sales and service processes.

Robust Outbound/Inbound Campaign Management

Run unlimited inbound and 1,000+ outbound campaigns simultaneously and allow agents to handle inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts at the same time.

Personalized Customer Messaging

Focus agent time on productive contacts with outbound calling tools that can deliver personalized information and transfer calls to an agent upon request. When contacts are not available, the system can leave an automated message with a return phone number.

Payment and Data Security

Provide advanced protection and keep sensitive customer data safe with our patented security options and payment tools, like our Secure Payment Assist feature.

Agent Callbacks

Improve contact management and close more leads by scheduling customer callbacks. Calls can be routed to a specific finance agent or to a group of agents.

Three-Way Conferencing & Transfer with Data

Improve contact handoffs with tools that allow agents to easily conference in a third party, such as a bank officer, and then transfer the call with data.

The Industry's Leading Tools for Customer Contact Management

Get the right solutions and and give your service representatives the tools they need to be successful, helping your operation run smoothly to meet your business goals and provide a better customer experience, while reducing costs.


Connect with established systems and databases, leveraging existing technology and helping move customer data through application processes.


Patented regulatory compliance features help you manage wireless calling requirements, Do Not Call registries, data security rules, and more.


Flexible and secure databases are easy to control and update. Changes can be made by management, without IT intervention.

Customer Support

Knowledgeable support experts are available 24/7/365 to keep your operations running smoothly and maintain your center’s productivity.

Permanent TSB

“Productivity has gone through the roof in terms of Right-Party Contacts.”

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