Improve Customer Service and Reduce Contact Center Costs

Our interactive voice response (IVR) solution offers intelligent routing and automated responses to callers in order to meet customer demands for instant information and 24/7/365 service.

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Use IVR to Enhance Customer Interactions

With Noble’s IVR solutions, you can provide better customer service while reducing the reliance on agent resources.

  • Touch-tone and voice commands route calls, provide personalized information to callers customers, collect information and perform processes that don’t require an agent.
  • Help your agents to focus on productive tasks by automating processes like giving account balances, confirming appointment times or collecting payments.
  • Get up and running quickly with easy-to-implement solutions that can be customized for both inbound and outbound contact applications.
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Put Our Solutions to Work For You

Noble solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Provide Personalized Service with Database Integrations

Noble integrates with off-site mainframe systems and payment processing tools, so you can automate billing and payment services as well as replay or 'speak' numbers, money amounts, appointment dates, wait times and more. This allows callers to obtain critical information and submit payments via multiple channels during or after office hours.

Add Value to Wait Times and Automate Routine Calls

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce dropped calls and hang-ups by enriching the on-hold experience. Virtual 'assistants' can make wait time announcements and manage callback requests. Our “agent-less” system also allows you to make special offers, send reminders and welcome messages, or complete collection calls without pulling agents away from other services.

Build Complex IVR Flows with a Simple Point-and-Click UI

Customize your customers' IVR experience via our user-friendly call-flow manager. It allows you to create intricate IVR flows, launch menus, make recordings, define subscript routing, and define help tables all with a simple, point-and-click user interface, so you don't have to run to the IT department or learn web development every time you need an update.

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Your Virtual Agents

When customers have positive experiences with virtual agents, IVR can keep more callers on the line and reduce or eliminate transfers and hold times. Noble ensures that satisfaction with Text to Speech (TTS) and Automated Speech Recognition (ASR). These tools allow your virtual agents to understand a caller's requests and responses more quickly and effectively.

The IVR allows us to deliver important messages to callers on hold, and then to route those customers to the right agents. We also use IVR for our outbound broadcast programs, which helps us to penetrate large lists of accounts several times per day without outbound labor expense.

CBV Collection Services

We can service more inbound calls with Noble. Using IVR and skills-based routing to send calls to the right agents, our answer rates have improved more than 20%.

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