Manage Outbound Broadcast Communications with Ease

Noble Messenger makes it easy to manage outbound broadcast communications, freeing agents to focus on more important tasks and eliminating the need for third-party services.

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Outbound Messaging Helps You Optimize Agent Resources

Noble Messenger lets you send broadcast messages to your customers quickly, without taking agent resources away from other responsibilities.

  • Get in-house capabilities to send special offers, service reminders, welcome messages, renewal information, and any other communications.
  • Integrate with Noble’s IVR and Noble TTS (text to speech), text to speech and speech recognition for total control of messaging programs.
  • Quickly deliver time-sensitive announcements so customers can take action.
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Put Our Solutions to Work For You

Noble solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

Improve Response Rates and Offer Unique Opt-in Services

Give your customers control by letting them “opt in” to receive communications like reminders, notifications, scheduling services, placing orders and more. Plus, integration with your existing customer database increases opportunities to personal messaging and improve response rates.

Increase Personalization and Reduce No-ROI Inbound Calls

Using TTS tools, you can create individual messages for each customer, tailoring them with account details, special offers and response options. By proactively providing customers with frequently requested, personalized information, you can reduce low-value inbound calls and improve high-value response rates.

Maximize Agent Productivity By Integrating Virtual Agents

Reduce the time agents spend on matters that could be handled by virtual agents by taking advantage of integrated broadcast messaging. Our platform combines blended contacts with Noble IVR and Noble TTS (text to speech) so you have total control of which messages need a live or virtual agent.

Provide Proactive Service with Easy Information Pushes

Keep customers informed and satisfied without sacrificing efficiency by using messaging tools to notify them automatically and in advance about shipment delays, temporary service disruptions, subscription expirations, account limits, payment issues and appointment reminders.

We use the Noble Messaging tools to schedule automated outbound campaigns, without requiring agent resources. We used it for an emergency notification and what would have taken 10 hours to do with agents, we were able to call in 30 minutes.

ARA Diagnostics

The system allows our representatives to talk to more people and waste less time. The machines can talk to the machines and our people can do what they do best, which is dealing with people.

Keybridge Medical Revenue Management

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