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Contact Center Platform for Optimizing All Customer Interactions

Put Noble’s unified contact center platform to work for you — building performance and productivity, improving the quality and effectiveness of customer contacts, and reducing costs. With the critical software technologies that today's omnichannel contact centers need most, our outbound and inbound contact center software and solutions provide seamless integration to existing corporate environments, reduce your learning curve and protect your technology investments.

Benefits for Your Entire Organization

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Increase Efficiency & Get Real-time Feedback

Noble’s agent desktop makes it easy for your agents to access tools and workflows for omnichannel contact handling, increasing efficiency, and productivity.

  • Unified agent desktop and automated processes
  • Multi-session agent assignments
  • Real-time performance feedback
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Support More Customers Across More Channels

Blended and omnichannel strategies let your customers connect with you the way they prefer, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our comprehensive suite includes:

  • Flexible workflows
  • Skills-based routing and self-service tools
  • Cross-channel customer journey management  
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Enjoy Better Insights, Customization & Results

Our award-winning suite omnichannel outbound and inbound contact center software suite can be tailored to meet your unique business needs and help your organization increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce operational costs.

  • Real-time activity views
  • Summary and drill-down data
  • Historical performance and results reporting
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Tailor Your Strategy & Control the Execution

Intuitive tools help managers develop and customize inbound/outbound omnichannel contact strategies and give users complete control of contact center activities.

  • Workflow and list management
  • Real-time monitoring, reporting, and administration
  • Mobile accessibility for management anywhere, anytime

NOBLE Contact Center TOOLS

Learn more about the tools you'll enjoy with Noble Contact Center solutions.

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Noble® IVR

Noble IVR uses touch tone and voice commands to: route calls with the Noble ACD, provide information to the caller, collect information and provide things like account balances or payments. Noble IVR is scalable, easy to setup, and customizable for both inbound and outbound contacts, and can be combined with TTS and ASR.

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Noble® Harmony

Harmony is an intuitive, web-based management desktop that helps managers efficiently setup and management contact center applications to provide maximum connect time. Expanded features give more control of programs and resources, with real-time dashboards for managing your agents and programs.

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Noble® Composer

The Noble Composer gives call center agents easy-to-use multichannel contact handling. It combines our flexible scripting features with an intuitive, graphical layout interface and WYSIWYG design tools to make it easier than ever for contact center managers to build sophisticated agent screens and to unify the agent desktop.

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Noble® Reports

Noble Reports deliver a complete package of online tools for reporting on your up-to-the-second activities and historical performance data. This includes an intuitive, advanced management portal that makes it easy to quickly generate and view reports from our standard library as well as to create customized queries.

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Noble® Recorder

Noble® Recorder digitally records and files agent calls, allowing you to retrieve high-quality records within seconds (and an archived record within minutes). We also have integrated screen captures. These tools are great for in-house verification services, confirming promises-to-pay and improving agent training.

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Noble® Compliance

Noble® Compliance Solutions help you stay compliant with a wide variety of regulations including DNC registries, FTC, TSR, TCPA, PCI, HIPAA, Ofcom, ACMA and more. We also help scrub your call lists on a campaign-by-campaign basis. Plus, we help encrypt caller data. And we do it all on a locked-down server so agents can't circumnavigate compliance presets.

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Noble® Inbound

Noble® Inbound contact center software provides a unified solution for managing inbound communications in a universal queue. The Noble ACD uses skills-based routing for calls, emails, chats, and faxes. Other features include digital messaging, priority queuing, PBX integration, and multi-site networking.

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Noble® Outbound

Noble® Outbound automates and organizes your campaigns to increase outbound call volumes. The predictive dialer and contact manager is a full-featured outbound solution delivering call management, list control, and workflow management, with an integrated robust, industrial strength database.

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Noble® Multi-session

The Noble® Multi-session solution maximizes agent productivity with multi-session, omnichannel agent assignments, allowing agents to handle multiple voice and non-voice contacts at once, including voice, IVR, social media, web, email, or fax. Plus, we provide easy tracking for time and activities in each channel.

How Noble Contact Center Software Helps

No matter what type of contacts you manage, our comprehensive suite of tools can help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer engagements.

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Blended
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Predictive Dialing

Automate, organize and manage outbound dialing campaigns and resources.

Contact Routing

Ensures customers are routed to the appropriate agent or group based on your custom rules.

IVR Deployment

Automate interactions, lower costs and provide 24/7 access to information and service.

Unified Platform

Manage email, SMS texts, social, chat and callback messages as efficiently as phone calls.

Management Tools

Real-time monitoring and analysis deliver valuable insights with every interaction.


Agent and management desktops provide easy access to productivity tools and reporting.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Better Service Delivered More Efficiently

Increase your contact rates, enhance customer service and streamline your communications process with our powerful technology solutions. Deploy resources more efficiently and improve the productivity of your agents as they gain more new accounts and better service existing accounts.

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Spend Less to Recover More

Secure more promises to pay, use resources more efficiently and improve your overall collection results with increased collector productivity. Our powerful technology solutions help increase your right-party contact rates and streamline the communications process. Patented compliance technologies help you meet complex regulatory requirements while maintaining performance.

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Bring Efficiency to Managing Student Accounts

Manage communications for existing and prospective students and applicants more efficiently and integrate seamlessly with established systems and databases. Our solutions help you enhance the productivity of agents, save resources, manage recruiting and improve student account payments.

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Gain New Customers. Better Service Existing Customers.

As the solution of choice for financial institutions, our specialized offerings help you better serve existing customers and improve customer acquisition efforts. Seamlessly integrate with your existing financial software systems and databases to give agents real-time access to critical customer data and improve customer satisfaction levels. Patented compliance technologies help you meet complex regulatory and privacy requirements while maintaining performance.  

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Higher Productivity & Efficiency. Lower Costs.

Simplify the complex tasks of fundraising programs with tools that dramatically increase productivity and efficiency. Our systems make it easy to contact prospects, track pledges, plan follow-up campaigns and manage your databases so you can maximize your efforts while minimizing costs.

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Better Manage Patient Accounts & Stay in Compliance  

Manage patient accounts and services more efficiently for increased response and improved satisfaction. Capture, segment and analyze contact data for appropriate follow-up patient service actions. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and databases. Patented compliance technologies help you meet complex regulatory and privacy requirements.  

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Improve Account Management Efficiency & Effectiveness

Improve the productivity of your agents and increase process efficiency while delivering better service to your customers and gaining new accounts. Our tools help you more efficiently allocate resources, improve appointment setting and increase customer payments. Strengthen communications strategies when you capture, segment and analyze customer contact data and better plan follow-up customer service actions.

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Spend Less to Learn More   

Streamline your processes and improve success rates with tools that help increase contact rates, enhance efficiency and streamline program management. Improve researcher productivity and help them complete more surveys, use resources more effectively and deliver improved results.

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Get More Subscribers & Keep Them

Protect and grow your subscriber base when you increase contact rates, enhance customer service and streamline your communications process. Get tools to expand agent productivity, manage new subscriptions and collections and use resources more effectively to deliver improved results.

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Turn Leads into New Customers. Serve Existing Customers More Efficiently.

Manage your entire customer lifecycle more effectively. Nurture prospects with tools that categorize, track, monitor and measure leads and then plan your next marketing steps to turn leads into customers. Enhance customer service and streamline communications to keep them coming back and to improve your overall results.

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Improved Efficiency for You. Better Service for Your Customers.

Powerful technology solutions help you increase agent productivity, improve efficiency and boost connect rates with more right-party contacts. See how you can use resources more effectively, make program modifications, monitor systems and activity and deliver improved results for your clients.

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Create Better Experiences for New & Returning Customers

Noble’s flexible suite improves efficiency and performance, enabling travel and resort companies to provide a higher level of customer service. Acquire more new accounts through improved marketing programs. Deliver top-notch reservation and service issue management for owners and customers.

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