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Noble’s contact center solutions provide you with rich and robust customer data that can transform your business. With our suite of proprietary and patented decision making and call center analytics you can determine who to contact and when, how and with what priority to contact them. Automate decision making and campaign management and refine the quality of interactions with precision and efficiency.

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Improve Agent Success

Optimize inbound and outbound productivity with call center analytics tools that give your agents the best chance at successful calls and provide real-time coaching opportunities.

  • Reduce agent downtime
  • Increase successful call rates
  • Improve performance with in-call guidance
  • Narrow the gap between your best-performing and lower-performing agents
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Enhance the Customer Experience

Leverage real-time data and customer insights to improve call quality and first-call resolution, resulting in better call center customer satisfaction.

  • Identify the best time and channel to contact
  • Deliver targeted offers at the right time
  • Improve satisfaction with more proactive service
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Maximize Touchpoint Profitability

Gain actionable business intelligence from recorded calls, improve call success and drive inefficiency out of your operations, all while reducing corporate liability.

  • Lower your cost to contact
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce risk exposure
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Optimize Agent Resources and Manage Compliance

Leverage a wealth of customer data and advanced contact management tools to optimize calling programs and results, all while managing complex regulatory and compliance obligations. 

  • Improve agent and campaign success
  • Raise customer satisfaction with proactive service
  • Monitor quality and identify training opportunities

Noble IQ

Learn more about the call center analytics tools you'll enjoy with Noble IQ.

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Noble® Contact AI

This best-time-to-call tool raises productivity and still meets dialing regulations. It weighs contact probability, account priority and agent availability and applies predictive models to schedule the best calls each hour, with queues for landlines and wireless contacts.

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Noble® OnQ

Achieve corporate objectives for outbound calling efficiencies and effectiveness while optimizing agent resources with OnQ. This campaign management tool automates and centralizes campaign and policy management while ensuring call rule compliance.

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Noble® Decision AI

This automated decisioning tool brings intelligence to contact center decisioning and puts policy management into the hands of the operations team. Analyze multiple, disparate data sources to rapidly deploy contact and response modeling and decision strategies.

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Noble® Conversations Analytics Now

Deliver proactive service and manage compliance while a call is taking place with Conversations Analytics Now. This intelligent real-time speech analytics tool helps reduce operating expenses, improve first-call resolution, enhance customer service, increase revenue, and reduce corporate liability.

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Noble® Conversations Analytics

Leverage large volumes of recorded conversations to gain actionable business intelligence. Conversations Analytics uses post-call recordings to spot trends, improve quality assurance, measure script adherence, determine training needs, improve compliance, and more. Robust speech analytics and performance management help you uncover what is affecting your KPIs, so you develop effective solutions.

How Noble IQ Puts Analytics Into Action

Determine when and how to best contact customers and what to offer them. Identify valuable customer information, automate decision making and refine your customer contact strategies.

Best Time to Call

Weigh available agent resources with probability of customer contact to schedule the best calls for each hour.

Self-Learning Models

Our contact models are dynamic and learn over time, providing increasing levels of accuracy month after month.

Call Targeting

Calls can target specific segments like those with high balances and risk scores to maximize the return on each call.

Strategy Simulations

Our simulation module empowers users to test ideas so the impact of a new strategy can be quantified in advance.

Pre-scheduled Campaigns

Noble users can schedule campaigns and phone strategies days in advance and still modify them in real-time.

Intelligent Decisioning

Noble decisioning fuses data to strategy to make and execute campaign decisions, so you data isn't just actionable, it's proactive.

Real-time Screening

Noble's real-time speech analytics can help identify situations in the moment, then help agents take the next step automatically. 

Phoneme Technology

By breaking language into "phonemes" (the smallest unit of human speech), Noble searches and records are more accurate.

Industry-Specific Solutions

Insights that Lead to Success

When agents are positioned for success — contacting the right customers at the right time and armed with the right data and training — not only will you provide better customer experiences, but you can also optimize your overall contact center operations.

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Data-Driven Improvement

Analyze your current processes and contacts to determine what is working and what needs to be refined. Apply your own best practices to increase collector effectiveness and secure more promises to pay.

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Optimize Agent Performance

Drive inefficiency out of your operations by providing your agents with contact strategies that identify the best contacts to call at the best time. You’ll also improve the quality and speed of issue resolution.

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Grow Your Business While Maintaining Compliance

Using your own customer data and tools, optimize your contact programs to improve results while adhering to complex regulatory and compliance requirements.

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Improve Campaign Success Rates

Apply sophisticated analytics tools to your historical data to optimize your campaigns and help agents contact the right donors at the right time, improving their success rates.

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Better Serve Patients and Maintain Compliance

Position agents for success by improving their ability to reach the right person at the right time with critical information. All while meeting critical compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Turn Your Contact Center into a Profit Center

Apply sophisticated analytics tools to your own data and determine the right customers and prospects to reach at the right time and with the right offer. Improve your agent success rates and sell more services overall.

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Optimize Researcher Resources

Mine your own data to create effective campaign strategies that improve researcher hit rates and minimize agent idle time. Provide real-time coaching to improve data collection.

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Grow and Maintain Your Subscriber Base

Improve campaigns and grow your subscriber base by analyzing prior efforts to determine the most effective contact strategies. Optimize subscriber services to improve retention and win-back.

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Turn Your Contact Center into a Profit Center

Apply sophisticated analytics tools to your own data and determine the right customers and prospects to reach at the right time and with the right offer. Increase agent success rates and grow your business.

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Improve Campaign Performance

Analyze prior campaign strategies and performance to optimize future efforts and maximize agent success.

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Increase New and Repeat Bookings

Optimize your campaigns by applying sophisticated analytics to prior campaign performance and determine what works and what needs to be refined.

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