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Truly Unified Omnichannel Solutions

Your customers have growing expectations about how and when they want to interact with you. The Noble Contact Center Suite helps you seamlessly communicate with your customers, no matter which channel(s) they prefer.

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High-Quality Contacts Across All Channels

Optimize agent activity and improve the efficiency of customer interactions with our unified omnichannel solutions.

  • Seamlessly manage communications over a variety of voice and non-voice channels including voice, email, SMS text, web chat, and social media.
  • Simultaneously manage inbound and outbound communications without having to log in and out of programs.
  • Combine all channels on a single platform to improve contact center efficiency and profitability.
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Put Our Solutions to Work For You

Noble solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Prioritize Your Best Channels and Agents

Set priorities for telephone calls over e-services, and vice-versa, depending on your program goals. Plus, with Skills-Based Routing (SBR) you can ensure that customers are sent to the right agent every time, increasing first-call resolutions and building customer satisfaction.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

With unified customer data you can ensure that customer records are up-to-the-second accurate, no matter which channel they choose, thereby reducing hold times and transfers. You can also connect customers with the right agent and improve first-call resolution.

Customize and Scale Your Solution as Needed

Configure your solution to your unique requirements including agent location, architecture and more. Plus, with Noble it's easy to scale up or down as you grow and manage overflow agents during peak seasons.

Enjoy Call Blending and Universal Queues

Agent groups can be blended to handle email, SMS, social media and web. They can also move fluidly between incoming and outgoing contacts without having to log in and out of programs.

Noble helps us develop our strategies for different groups. We can use SMS and Email to reach members that we can’t make contact with via phone or other methods.

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