Noble Outbound and Blended Solution

Outbound Call Center Solutions that Drive Performance

Noble Outbound Solutions give you the power to improve the productivity and effectiveness of your outbound call center and blended contact campaigns. No matter whether your campaign goals are customer acquisition, collections, growth, retention or something else, we can help you get to your goals quickly and efficiently.

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How Does Outbound Dialer Software Work For You

Noble’s powerful outbound dialer system with predictive dialing and omnichannel management help you take your outbound contact center performance from ordinary to extraordinary.

Reduce Idle Time with Dialing Modes and Filtered Queues

Noble's outbound dialing system helps reduce agent idle time by increasing right-party contacts and first-call resolutions. Our quick queues filter out busy signals, unanswered calls, fax machines, modems and operator intercepts. Meanwhile, we offer several dialing modes that can be selected on a campaign basis and assigned to agent groups, including Predictive, Preview, Power, Manual and Broadcast. Integrated inbound helps you support a blended call center environment with single-stream work queues.

Improve Call Quality, Compliance and Reporting

If you need to maintain call quality, ensure data completeness or improve your SLA compliance, we can help. Noble lets you monitor and record agent interactions in real time or via custom reports by agent, contact, list or campaign. Even better, Noble's patented compliance tools help keep your outbound contact center operations in accordance with regulatory and industry guidelines.

Configure and Customize Your Solution as Needed

Does your outbound contact center have unique requirements? Noble's outbound calling system can be configured to accommodate a wide range of agent locations and architectures. Plus you can customize and expand features to handle conference calls, internal and external transfers, call blending, remote agent support and so much more.

Improve Speed and Customer Satisfaction

The Noble outbound call center solution provides agents with the information they need to manage contacts quickly and effectively. Agents have access to up-to-the-second accurate customer data and automated workflows so they can better service customers and reduce call handle times.

Since installing Noble Systems, productivity has gone through the roof in terms of Right Party Contacts. We have seen increases in contact and RPC rates across the board and the Noble dialer system has made it possible to reach more customers than ever.

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We have increased outbound call handling capacity by 170% and have dramatically reduced costs per call while growing dollars collected. Through cost savings and higher revenues, the system paid for itself with the first month!

Wake Forest University Health System

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