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With all of the data available to you regarding agent and program performance, you have virtually unlimited information on how things are going and where you can improve. Noble QA pulls it all together to help you identify opportunities for improvement and optimization.

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Improve the quality of your contact center programs with Noble® QA features.

Improve Workflows with Noble Screen Capture

Noble Screen Capture improves workflows by giving agents and managers a replay of actions, allowing them to see exactly how agents are using screens and call tools, including full keystrokes and mouse movements. Users can then identify and eradicate weaknesses in the desktop configuration and script design, so workflows improve.

Customize Your Solution and Score Agent Activities

Once you know the type and frequency of reporting you prefer, Noble can be customized to fit your QA needs. And to make things even easier, managers can create custom QA scorecards to consistently grade performance. Custom scorecards guide managers through important rating criteria and results are calculated and recorded in the database.

Improve Agent Training and Compliance

Routine performance monitoring is invaluable in identifying additional training opportunities. That’s why Noble provides performance reports that can be sent automatically to managers on an ongoing basis, as well as compliance and training tools that help ensure that agents consistently adhere to scripts and best practices.

Enjoy Voice Recordings and Effortless Reporting

With Noble you can enable the automatically record agent recording of digital voice and screens, captures or allow agents to selectively record a portion of the call. Quality Assurance agents can then review the audio and videodata, as well as listen to the call recording in order to verify, monitor and score the agent's performance.

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