Noble Solutions for Outsourcing Providers

Contact Center Solutions for Service Bureaus & Outsourcers

Noble’s contact center technology solutions designed for Service Bureaus and Outsourcing help you improve the overall efficiency of your operations by expanding agent productivity, helping you use resources more effectively to reduce costs, and delivering improved results for your clients.

The Industry's Leading Solution for All Your Contact Center Challenges

Our robust suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel tools helps you solve daily customer contact challenges and gives you the power to turn your contact center into a business-building operation.

The Industry's Leading Solution for All Your Contact Center Challenges

Advanced Features to Meet
Diverse Client Needs

Give your clients the latest in contact center technologies, including automated messaging, personalization, self service, interactive multi-channel tools, virtual agents, recording and quality assurance. Clients will have more options to utilize your services while you reduce operational costs and improve results.

Simplify Agent
Desktop Creation

Graphical point-and-click builder makes it easy to quickly create custom agent desktops and workflows for your clients' programs without advanced programming knowledge or technical support.

Improve Connects and
Right-Party Contacts

Advanced dialing algorithms and pacing strategies help your agents reach more live, qualified parties. Multiple numbers per customer, account ownership, preview dialing and multi-line dialing, plus non-voice features for Email, SMS and web give you flexible options for making contact.

Send Inbound Calls
to the Right Agent

Use intelligent, skills-based contact routing to make sure customers are matched with the best agent to answer their questions. Agent-specific callbacks, call recording and automatic transfers are also supported.

Create a Unified,
Omnichannel Operation

Optimize agent activity by handling inbound and outbound voice and non-voice contacts at the same time and dynamically adjusting to fluctuating contact volumes. Database integration ensures that customer records are up-to-the-second accurate.

Manage Compliance by
Campaign and Globally

Noble's patented tools help you manage your compliance processes, both for individual campaigns with different requirements, and globally across your contact center operations. We have you covered for TCPA wireless dialing, ANI broadcasts, abandons, hours, consent, data security, PCI, GDPR, DNC/TSP lists, FTC, TSR, HIPAA, Ofcom, ACMA and more.

Keep Clients
Up to Date

A robust toolset for reporting on agent, group, program and list statistics helps you direct call, meet business objectives and give your clients the details they need. View summary and detail reports on current and historical statistics in on-screen, print or email format or export information to other packages.

Powerful Features for Service Bureaus and Outsourcers

Our flexible customer contact management solutions can be customized to your specific business needs and are available for premise, cloud or hybrid deployment.

Multi-channel Blending

Allows agents to work outbound campaigns while receiving inbound contacts across voice and non-voice channels, without having to manually switch between programs.

Custom Workflow Tools

Easily create new workflows tailored to each customer’s campaigns or modify existing scripts on the fly with a user-friendly point-and-click interface.

Customer Self Service

IVR, Text-to-Speech, Automated Speech Recognition and interactive menu options for customer self service.

Multiple Dialer Modes

Several dialing modes are provided and can be selected on a campaign basis and assigned to agent groups, including Predictive, Preview, Power, Manual and Broadcast. Additional pacing methods allow you to further refine your contact strategies.

Intelligent Inbound Routing

Noble’s advanced routing tools use skills, caller id, and menu prompts, combined with our patented SmartAccept® features to provide faster, more responsive service for inbound contacts to improve service levels and first-call resolutions while reducing costs.

Unified Databases

Integrated, relational databases with comprehensive contact histories and up-to-the-second data accuracy.

The Right Tools to Manage Your Contact Center

Give your agents the tools they need to be successful and improve operational efficiencies so you can provide superior customer experiences and grow your business. 

List Management

Segmenting, de-duping and filtering tools make sure you have the most effective contact lists, increasing your agents’ success rates.


Manage multiple programs simultaneously with different pacing, lines, scripts, agents, lists and data capture selections for each program or campaign.


Contact customers in the way that works best for them, including voice, email, SMS text and web.

Customer Support

Knowledgeable support experts are available 24/7/365 to keep your operations running smoothly and maintain your center’s productivity.

Contact Centres Australia

Contact Centres Australia began as a small, 12-seat bureau, and has expanded the system to 180 stations across multiple sites. As an outsourced service provider, CCA relies on its contact centre technology to help promote a competitive advantage...

Read the Case Study

Quality Contact Solutions helps clients with inbound, outbound, and email programs with a focus on increasing sales, increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing cost per contact.

Read the Case Study

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