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VoIP Call Center Solutions

Noble VoIP solutions support completely flexible environments for contact centers and help them take advantage of cost-saving technologies. Use your existing bandwidth more efficiently while reducing overall telecom costs.

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VoIP Solutions Improve Flexibility and Reduce Costs

Noble’s SIP, Voice over Internet Protocol and IP solutions use a centralized platform and share agent licenses across locations. This reduces hardware/software costs and streamlines system management and support.

  • Our native architectures are ideal for supporting single-site, multi-site and remote or off-shore telecom routing configurations to distributed agents and virtual contact centers.
  • We support pure-SIP, traditional TDM, and hybrid environments.
  • Configurable, flexible features allow you to design the right solution for your contact center.
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VoIP Services for Call Centers

Noble solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

Flexible Deployment and Unified Communications

Our solution does not require an external gateway, enabling users to mix environments. For instance, we support the use of both TDM and VoIP technologies. And our evolutionary SIPhony platform for unifying customer communications via a server-based telephony structure makes it easy to migrate to an SIP environment.

Maximize Capacity with Mobile, Distributed Networks

Noble’s IP-based infrastructure allows companies to use existing bandwidth more efficiently, potentially doubling capacity. We support a wide variety of distributed functions including contact center sites in a multi-site networked environment, work-from-home or outside agents, and off-site supervisor access for program management with our remote and mobile toolset.

Enjoy Unified Voice and Data Networks with Noble IPBX

Easily integrate into an existing environment or a stand-alone unified system to get even greater performance. A robust software PBX solution for today’s growing IP telephony environments, Noble iPBX offers contact center organizations the ability to streamline their communications platform, and to improve efficiencies and reduce costs with a flexible, unified voice and data network.

Use Voice over IP Services to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Take advantage of new cost-saving technologies by using the internet as a global telephone network. Our native VoIP architecture is ideal for supporting remote or off-shore telecom routing configurations to distributed agents and virtual contact centers. Plus, by using a centralized platform and sharing agent licenses across locations – Noble gives you only one system to manage and support.

I would recommend Noble to anyone who is a need of a contact center solution in an enterprise package, especially if your company needs to be scalable and sustainable. With Noble’s system integrity and range of solutions, both premise and cloud, they offer the whole package.

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