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Maximize the efficiency of your contact center and meet/exceed customer expectations with Workforce Management tools that help you accurately forecast workloads, match the right resources to your needs and keep agents motivated.

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Put Our Workforce Management Software to Work For You

Noble WFM solutions give you the power to take your contact center from ordinary to extraordinary.

Maximize Resources with Integrated Scheduling Tools

Noble’s built-in simulator engine generates staffing schedules while considering factors like agent availability, work rules, skills, service level goals, budgets and more. And, since it’s integrated with our contact center tools, it can also analyze call volume histories and handling times to more accurately forecast your future workforce management solutions needs.

Retain Agents with Gamification and Schedule Requests

Creating a more employee-focused culture helps keep agents motivated and engaged. With schedule request management, mobile tools and gamification, we help agents take a more active role in their professional development and improve their schedules and experience so they feel happier and work more productively.

Monitor Calls, Workflows and Agent Skills to Improve Quality

Using voice and screen recordings, we help you monitor adherence to scripts and best practices, and identify ways to improve your training and workflows. In addition, our agent scorecards help you to staff the right agents, at the right time and in the right capacity. The result? Improved quality and happier customers.

Automate Admin Tasks to Prioritize Strategy

Automating routine tasks helps you focus your staff on more important, revenue-generating tasks, such as long-term business strategy. Reduce the amount of time your managers spend on administrative tasks with tools such as skills-based scheduling and automated leave approvals.

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